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Are you looking at extending your health practice with a wellness center? A wellness center incorporates all forms of natural medicine. Make your practice the “go to” resource in your city for health and wellness. To help your office with fostering health promotion and disease prevention, I offer the following services:  

Establish a wellness center in your reception area. Depending on allowable space, we can design a corner, table or a bookcase with information on the different areas of natural medicine. The wellness center will address:

“The Whole Patient” – When your patients benefit from better results from an integrated practice, they will see the value of seeing you as an important part of their healthcare needs. A “happy” patient is in much better position to give you referrals and to continue seeking your expertise.

Free Information – Your Wellness Center will house resource materials that are free for your patients. The educational literature will help support the “whole patient’s” needs to include physical, emotional, and mental health. Supporting your patients holistically impacts the quality of care they receive from your office.

Include all health modalities of complementary medicine – Offer information from your own network of health professionals to include massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, herbalists, essential oils, probiotics, etc.

Offer bi-monthly classes on a range of health topics including – meditation, nutritional supplements, essential oils safety, efficacy and usage, relaxation techniques and more. These classes will extend the treatment you provide well after the appointment is done. Your patients will go home with knowledge of health protocols to practice at home.

(English as a Second Language)
(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Coach: Mary Elizabeth
$70 / hour 

Coaching Packages

Meet Your Coach

Coaching from a Grammar, Writing and Accent Trainer
Accent neutralization
Prepare and conduct EP (English Proficiency) tests and examinations
Provided writing training for students
Specialized service for VIP learners
Activities and exercises to help improve grammar, pronunciation, comprehension, listening skills and vocabulary

Coach: Mary Elizabeth


Bicol (Filipino Dialect)
Basic Spanish, French and Italian

St. James the Great Parish
Muntinlupa City, Philippines
St. James Renewal Movement
Served as Counselor & Shepherd to Candidates of Life in the Spirit Seminar

St. Jerome Emiliani Sta. Susana Parish
Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Served as Lector and Commentator
1998 to 2014
   -Read mass liturgy
   -Provided tutoring and coaching to team members

   -Medical Missions
   -English Tutoring and Mentoring Orphans in Tuloy sa Don Bosco Orphanage, Muntinlupa City

Charter Member 1990 Phoenix Toastmasters 

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