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doTERRA Philippines - New Market Opening

doTERRA Philippines - opening this year (2018)
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September 4 at 8 am Manila Time
September 6 at 8 pm Manila Time

I am so excited to announce that doTERRA®  will be opening up the essential oils market in the Philippines. Several of my Filipino friends have been looking for doTERRA Essential Oils for sale in the Philippines. doTERRA in the Philippines! Yaaay, how wonderful is that? That indeed calls for a celebration. Wow, a doTERRA location in Manila, Philippines. 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Get your own doTERRA wholesale membership now.  Contact me and I'll walk you through this very simple process.

While Filipinos are not new to natural remedies, the introduction of a quality essential oils from doTERRA is a wonderful addition to our "anting-anting" that has shown promising results in scientific studies. So, if you are looking for doTERRA essential oils in the Philippines, look no further. Wheter it’s peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil (Ilang-Ilang), doTERRA® has a full line of essential oils that will not disappoint. I can hook you up here.

The opening date has not been announced yet, however, it is looking like doTERRA® Philippines will officially open in year 2018.
doTERRA Philippines - Peppermint
Coming Soon!
Before the doTERRA Philippines market is officially open, you can still enroll and become a wholesale member. By doing so, you can take advantage of wholesale prices now. 

Here’s doTERRA’s Philippines FAQ:

*  New doTERRA®members in the Philippines should be prepared to pay for the product in U.S. Dollars.

*  All essential oils are shipped by doTERRA to a U.S. address. The new wholesale member in the Philippines needs to have a freight forwarder or a relative residing in the U.S. accept the package for them.  The new doTERRA wholesale member or wellness advocate will arranged shipping to the Philippines. Let me know if you need help in the shipping process. I can help by accepting your shipments in my home in Washington State. I will forward your essential oils to your address in the Philippines.

You can view a doTERRA® price list here. If you haven’t done research on essential oils, I can help you. Let’s talk via video conferencing – it’s free to you. You can contact me here.

FYI - There's several Filipinas in my team. Meet us and join us in the essential oils revolution. Join me by saying hello here.

Kat and Melina

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