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DŌTERRA Special and Product of the Month - July 2018

doTERRA Product of the Month July 2018
Don't you just love the beauty around us? If you have an appreciation for nature like I do, you will like doTERRA's Product of the Month for July 2018. Trees are a big part of our natural environment. This month, doTERRA is offering a free Cedarwood Essential Oil with your 125 Loyalty Rewards Points (LRP). Cedarwood's aroma is described as "natural, woodsy and sweet." I use Cedarwood daily on my dogs and on myself since it naturally repels insects. Cedarwood's scent gives you a feeling of relaxation. It is also wonderful in keeping your skin looking healthy. You may apply it straight on your skin or for delicate areas like your face, I would recommend using a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. You can also add a few drops of Cedarwood to your facial toner.

doTERRA Cedarwood Essential Oil 
For the month of July 2018, doTERRA Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub is 10% off regular price. It's 8 oz of pure heaven with Wild Orange, Grapefruit and Ginger Essential Oils. Ginger is soothing to the skin while Wild Orange and Grapefruit cleanse and purify the skin. The doTERRA Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub is so easy to use. Just apply a generous amount on your skin and rinse off in the shower. Exfoliating your skin is necessary to be able to absorb any cream or lotion you apply afterward. The exfoliating scrub is actually from natural sugar cane. It is very gentle to the skin.

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