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DIY Raspberry and Lime Kombucha

Summer is in full swing in the Okanogan Highlands. Raspberries are ripe for picking. To incorporate summer's bounty into my diet, I decided to play with different Kombucha flavors. Kombucha is a healthy probiotic drink that you can make at home. Kombucha is a tangy healthy drink that is refreshing. You can drink it as is or add fruit flavors and essential oils. I find Kombucha quite festive because it's fizzy. Aside from scoby starter, you probably have the ingredients at home.

I bought my Scoby from Amazon and followed a simple recipe that came with my Scoby. I also referred to Cultures for Health quite a bit since their video instructions made everything look easy.

DIY Raspberry Kombucha
6 black tea bags
1 cup granulated sugar
1 drop Lime Essential Oil
Filtered water

For flavor: Use fresh or frozen blueberries, raspberries, oranges

Your choice of essential oils: doTERRA Lime Essential OilGinger Essential Oil doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil 

[Please make sure the essential oil you are using is safe to ingest.]

In 2 cups boiling water and steep 6 black tea bags for 5 or 10 minutes. (Your kombucha will vary in taste depending on how long you steep tea and or combination of other teas. However, black tea is needed in this DIY process).

Add 1 cup granulated sugar and stir.

Add mixture into a glass gallon jar

Add your scoby

Fill the rest of your jar with filtered water

Cover the jar with a cheese cloth. The mixture does attract fruit flies and other bugs. Store your Kombucha in a cool dark place for 7-30 days. Around the 7th day, your Kombucha will be sweet. After about 15 days or so, your Kombucha will taste more "vinegary."

If you like "fizz" in your drink, you can use these bottles for a 2nd ferment of your Kombucha. The bottles with your Kombucha for a 2nd ferment should be kept in the fridge. Watch this video for a detailed instruction on flavoring and bottling your Kombucha. The bottle will "pop" because of the air bubbles, so be careful and be ready with a dish towel when opening your bottle of Kombucha.

I would love to hear about your experience in making Kombucha at home. Are you drinking it as is or are you adding fruit flavors?


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