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Beat The Heat: 5 Summer Essential Oils Dessert and Drink Recipes

Essential Oils Dessert Recipes
It's summer in the Okanogan Highlands. Our day time temps have been hovering around 90 degrees. What do I do to beat the heat? I make desserts using essential oils that are refreshing. Here's a few doTERRA essential oils recipes that are sure to please:

Citrus Coconut Popsciles - Combine coconut milk with Lime Essential Oil and you've got a winner. This popsicle recipe is done in under an hour. I try to stock coconut milk in my pantry. You never know when inspiration strikes. You need coconut milk, orange juice, agave and Lime Essential Oil for this quick and refreshing treat.

Trimshake Fudgesicles - Have you tried doTERRA's Slim & Sassy® Trimshake? It's become a staple in my house as I strive to eat clean and live healthy. Slim & Sassy® Trimshake comes in chocolate, vanilla and orange
Fudgesicle Recipe Using doTERRA Trimshake
cream flavors. I have all three since I like to add variety into my meals. It's a good meal replacement or dessert substitute. doTERRA has a fudgesicle recipe that is so easy to make. It's satisfying and quenches thirst on a hot summer day like today. As I mentioned above, I try to keep coconut milk on hand to whip up desserts. 

Strawberry Coconut Cream - Are the strawberries from your garden bearing fruit already? If so, try this creamy recipe using doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil. It adds orange flavor to your dipping cream. Once again, it's easy to do. Try topping your strawberries with chocolate shavings, coconut flakes or sprinkles. 

Strawberry Rosemary Crostata - Another recipe using strawberries from your garden is this crostata that is ready in about an hour. If you don't want to mess with making pastry, you can just get ready-made pastry from the grocery.  The filling using Rosemary Essential Oil making the dish sweet and savory at the same time. 

Spearmint Essential Oil Drink -This next recipe
Spearmint Essential Oil Flavored Water
is not a dessert but is refreshing on a hot summer day. Use a glass pitcher because essential oils are potent and may degrade plastic.

32 oz filtered water
1/2 a cucumber sliced or lemon slices
1-3 drops of Spearmint Essential Oil
Mint leaves for garnish

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