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Reduce Toxic Load and Save Money with DIY Essential Oils

Part of the fun in using essential oils is the many DIY projects you can pour your creativity into. The cost of cleaning products is something we have been conditioned to spending monthly because "we need to." With so many doTERRA essential oils with cleansing properties, you also reduce the toxic load in your home. Check out this Fox News link regarding DIY cleansing products. doTERRA's biggest seller is doTERRA lemon essential oil. This bottle is a "staple" in my home. I use it to make my own all-purpose cleaning spray, freshen laundry, wood polish and much more. I no longer feel a bothersome tingling in my throat when I clean. You can literally add lemon oil into a spray bottle of water to clean your kitchen and bathroom countertops. I use lemon essential oil to get rid of adhesive residues and kitchen grease. Essential oils can be added into baking soda to make a soft scrub for deeper cleaning.

I also make my own linen spray using plain water and lavender oil.
DIY All Purpose Cleaning Spray with doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil
 I spray the same solution to freshen up curtains and the sofa and recliner. I use doTERRA peppermint essential oil added to a spray bottle with water to cool  off during summer afternoons. We've had a long dry spell in the Okanogan Highlands. There are wildfires in our county that are only 10% to 20% contained. Since I am not a fan of summer when our temperature stays in the 90 degree range, I travel with my doTERRA peppermint essential oil. I even carry my cobalt blue bottle from room to room. It is a great scalp treatment as well. My Bible Coach and mentor introduced me to essential oils. I feel blessed having my Aunt Elizabeth and essential oils in my life. Save money now. Buy essential oils wholesale! Contact me and I'll be happy to share what I've learned!

For fun and easy DIY ideas, click on the links below:

DIY All Purpose Spray
with doTERRA lemon and lavender essential oils

DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser
with doTERRA lemon essential oil

DIY Foaming Hand Soap
with lemon and melalueca essential oils.

DIY Citrus Air Freshner
with your choice of essential oil (lemon, grapefruit, wild orange, etc)

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