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The Wisdom of the Ancients


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There was a time when my hair fell out in clumps as a result of taking medication.  You can imagine it took forever to recover from that.  Then later, when I had the misfortune of contracting amoebiasis once, knowing that recurrence is common, I asked my doctor if I could go on an extended dose of antibiotics.  She agreed.  The good news is that I never had an attack again.  The bad news is that I got acid reflux so bad, it became difficult to keep my food down.  Thank God, I eventually recovered from that as well, but it took several years. 
Pharmaceuticals saved my life many times over, but it has also caused harm to my system.  That is why treatments come with a lot of warnings. I have experienced bouts of depression when life dealt devastating blows.  I had to resort to prescribed “happiness” drugs in order to cope.  However, my physician-daughter was alarmed that this could lead to suicide and she discouraged me from any extended use.  I was forced to stop using them.

The advantage of using essential oils in place of drugs is that it makes you well without causing your hair to fall out. It boosts your immune system instead of suppressing it.  It causes no acidity in your stomach, nor does it damage your liver and kidneys.

Records dating back over 4000 years show the use of aromatics for spiritual ceremonies and medicine.  The oil and resin of plants were extracted for poultice, salves and incense.  The wisdom of the ancients in the use of essential oils has been passed down to us.  This knowledge that I fortuitously stumbled upon allows me to take care of my psychological and physical well-being safely over a long period of time.
The most I expected when I started using essential oils was the fragrance alone.  I planned to make my own lotion and body butter because I was never satisfied with what’s available on the market.  I’m very partial to citrus scents and I used to spend a lot of time searching for the right balance in perfume.  Most made me dizzy because they were too strong or harshly floral.  What a bonus to discover that I can maintain my mind and body through the use of essential oils and incorporate my favorite scents to boot.  I can now mix my own blend of exquisite spice and citrus oils.  I concoct creams and liniments with unadulterated scents that are both ethereal and beneficial.  Since then, my world has been nothing but sweet-smelling and rosy.

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