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Mekloubeh Upside Down Rice Cake with Clove Essential Oil

I have a good friend who used to cook mekloubeh (upside down) rice dish all the time. It was wholesome with basmati rice and two of my favorite veggies. 

The veggies were slightly fried and placed on the bottom of the huge pot. Raw basmati is first toasted in olive oil and then placed in the same huge pot with the veggies.
Experience the Warmth of Clove Essential Oil
I remember 2 distinct aromas of this dish. First, you will smell toasted pine nuts. They are heavenly. Next, you'll smell the fragrance of clove! It's spicy, warm and perhaps thought provoking. It was to me! I've never used clove in cooking. So, I had to ask, what are the spindly-looking things?

After assembling the dish and letting it cook for about 45 minutes, presenting it requires some flair. You turn the big pot upside down, and hope that your dish remains formed and upright much like a pineapple upside down cake. I didn't take any pictures then, so I pasted my pin down below to give you an idea on how it looks. If you don't usually have
Spice Up Your Dishes & Desserts With Clove Essential Oil
clove in your pantry, clove essential oil will do nicely. I would suggest mixing clove essential oil in olive oil so it distributes evenly.

From dōTERRA® "Weekly Drops of Wisdom" here are some other ideas on how to use clove essential oil:

  • Add two drops of clove oil into a glass of water for "an easy and cheap mouthwash."
  • Dilute clove oil with coconut oil and use as "a warming massage."
  • Flavor desserts and spice up other dishes
  • Add to your toothpaste to help clean teeth and gums.

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